Test Execution Report
[9] Test run for XiVO Aldebaran.14
Test Plan:1:XiVO Callisto
Product Version:2019.07
Default Tester:vsodoma
Started at:5. srpna 2019 12:35
Finished at:None
Manual Cases100.0%(2/2) Automated Cases0.0%(0/2)
Case-Run ID Case ID Shrnutí Automated Tested by Category Status Closed at
237 707 Clean install XiVO, CC and MDS False vsodoma XiVO PBX PASSED 5. srpna 2019 14:26


  • vsodoma[5. srpna 2019 14:25]
    xivocc_install.sh can't install Aldebaran and install-docker.sh isn't fixed for the proxy.
    And dirmngr must be installed manually on debian 9 before running it.
238 708 Upgrade Aldebaran XiVO and CC False vsodoma XiVO PBX PASSED 5. srpna 2019 15:08

Total: 2

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Test run completed: 100.0%