Test report for XiVO 2019.05.00 (Callisto.00)

Report generated at 2019-04-29 17:26:42





Test Status
X-1086: External call through outcall application (v1) Passed
X-1085: Outcall application survives Asterisk restart (v1) Passed
X-1084: Call routing between different groups (v1) Passed
X-1080: Manage media servers in webi (v1) Passed
X-1076: Calls routing between different context (v1) Passed
X-1075: Synchronize device across MDS (v1) Passed
X-1069: AGI operational after services on main are restarted (v1) Passed
X-1068: assistant still working when one mds is down (v1) Passed
X-1056: Asterisk has configuration after restart (v1) Passed
X-1052: I can call a Group/Queue/Meetme (v1) Passed

XDS - MDS/Forwards and Dial Actions

Test Status
X-1091: NoAnswer forward to group on another MDS (v1) Passed
X-1088: NoAnswer forward to user on another MDS (v1) Passed
X-1089: Forward to group on another MDS (v1) Passed
X-1090: Forward to user on another MDS (v1) Passed

XDS - MDS/Incoming calls

Test Status
X-1087: Incoming call with destination to group (v1) Passed
X-1066: Incoming call with destination to user (v1) Passed

XiVO Assistant/Desktop

Test Status
X-780: Global shortcut - Select2Call (v1) Passed
X-767: Process correctly call to a conference room (v2) Passed
X-920: CC Agent specific features (v2) Passed

XiVO Assistant/Global

Test Status
X-827: Validate xuc call tracking with customized Outgoing caller id (v1) Passed
X-792: Call forwarding and DND (v1) Passed
X-866: External Outgoing Call (v1) Passed

XiVO Assistant/MeetMe Conferences

Test Status
X-984: MeetMe Conference - Organizer can mute participants (v1) Passed

XiVO Assistant/Transfers

Test Status
X-908: Caller abandon after transfer and destination rings (v1) Passed
X-907: Attended transfer to conference (v1) Passed
X-906: Attended transfer to voice mail (v1) Passed
X-904: Attended transfer after destination answered (v1) Passed

XiVO Assistant/WebRTC

Test Status
X-950: Video echo test (v1) Passed
X-948: Validate point to point video call (v1) Passed
X-790: WebRTC: Attended transfer via Assistant (v3) Passed
X-770: WebRTC Call using latest versions of Chrome on Windows (v1) Passed
X-769: WebRTC Call using latest versions of Chrome on Linux (v1) Passed
X-722: Receive a call (v2) Passed
X-721: Call using WebRTC (v1) Passed

XiVO CC/Agent states/Transfers

Test Status
X-1025: Attended transfers to Queues (Yealink) (v1) Passed
X-748: Blind Transfers to Queues (Snom) (v4) Passed
X-817: Attended transfer via Agent (v2) Passed

XiVO CC/Highlevel feature tests

Test Status
X-711: Call history is available (v1) Passed
X-709: SpagoBI is up and statistics are generated (v1) Passed
X-708: Kibana is up and data available (v1) Passed
X-707: Agent logged in logged out (v2) Passed
X-715: Recording and Configuration are up (v2) Passed

XiVO CC/Recording

Test Status
X-1010: Pause / Unpause recording Incoming Calls (v4) Passed

XiVO PBX/Appel sortant

Test Status
X-960: Redirection to outgoing call (v1) Passed
X-850: Outgoing caller ID is correct for second call (v2) Passed
X-32: Personnalisation du caller ID sur appel sortant (v2) Passed
X-31: Caractère "+" (v1) Passed
X-28: Outgoing call (v3) Passed

XiVO PBX/Conferences

Test Status
X-973: Conference with waiting room (v1) Passed
X-972: Conference with Admin PIN (v1) Passed
X-971: Basic conference and user PIN (v1) Passed

XiVO PBX/Droits d'appels

Test Status
X-1043: Combined call rights configuration (v3) Passed
X-607: Droit d'appel vers destination + (v1) Blocked
X-241: Call right on an outgoing call (v3) Passed

XiVO PBX/Extensions

Test Status
X-760: Echo test (*55) (v1) Passed


Test Status
X-637: POPC sur poste Snom (v2) Passed
X-541: Call using the switchboard (v4) Passed

XiVO PBX/POPC/Transférer un appel entrant

Test Status
X-533: Transfer towards user forwarded (v2) Passed
X-504: Transférer directement un appel (v3) Passed

XiVO PBX/Renvoi d'appel

Test Status
X-942: Apply user's call permissions to his forwarded calls (v4) Failed
X-941: Display user's outgoing caller id when it forwards its calls externally (v3) Passed

XiVO PBX/Système/HA

Test Status
X-264: 001: HA Initialization and activation (v1) Failed

XiVO PBX/Users/Import

Test Status
X-1073: Import and modify user's line site (v1) Blocked