Test report for XiVO Borealis.03

Report generated at 2018-12-07 16:12:51




Other/Regression tests

Test Status
X-1065: Re-provisioning user on another phone with another IP breaks DIAL (v1) Passed


Test Status
X-1068: assistant still working when one mds is down (v1) Passed

XDS - MDS/Incoming calls

Test Status
X-1066: Incoming call with destination to user (v1) Passed

XiVO Assistant/Desktop

Test Status
X-786: General options - close in tray and launch on start (v1) Passed
X-785: Callto: protocol (v2) Passed
X-780: Global shortcut - Select2Call (v1) Passed
X-920: CC Agent specific features (v2) Passed

XiVO Assistant/Global

Test Status
X-977: Delete personal contacts (v1) Passed
X-970: Edit personal contacts (v1) Passed
X-964: Add personal contacts (v1) Passed
X-952: Search personal contacts (v1) Passed
X-777: Missed call number on history button (v1) Passed
X-734: Incoming calls (v3) Passed
X-730: Outgoing calls (v1) Passed
X-727: Search users and manage favorites (v1) Passed
X-723: Call history (v2) Passed
X-982: Import / Export personal contacts (v2) Passed

XiVO Assistant/MeetMe Conferences

Test Status
X-983: MeetMe Conference - Self mute (v1) Passed

XiVO Assistant/WebRTC

Test Status
X-770: WebRTC Call using latest versions of Chrome on Windows (v1) Passed
X-769: WebRTC Call using latest versions of Chrome on Linux (v1) Passed
X-722: Receive a call (v2) Passed
X-721: Call using WebRTC (v1) Passed

XiVO CC/Agent states/Incoming call - ACD

Test Status
X-849: Call then pause, then answer, then hangup (v1) Passed
X-702: Call then no answer, then pause (v1) Passed
X-700: Call then decline results in Paused agent (v1) Passed
X-695: Call then answer then hangup (v1) Passed

XiVO CC/Agent states/Outgoing call/Start state : Ready

Test Status
X-701: Call (FA) then answer (v1) Passed
X-698: Call (ex) then hangup (v1) Passed
X-697: Call then answer, then pause, then hangup (v1) Passed
X-692: Call then pause then hangup (v1) Passed
X-690: Call then hangup (v1) Passed

XiVO CC/Agent states/Transfers

Test Status
X-817: Attended transfer via Agent (v2) Passed


Test Status
X-898: Agent Incoming ACD Call History (v1) Passed
X-861: Customer call history and exit from queue (v1) Passed
X-833: Agent with line logs on another line (v2) Passed
X-819: Login user without agent (v1) Passed
X-800: Call or transfer by searching user name (v1) Passed
X-741: Join queue (v1) Passed
X-1055: On Hold notification (v1) Passed

XiVO CC/CCAgent/Callbacks

Test Status
X-858: Callbacks - take and release (v1) Passed

XiVO CC/CCManager

Test Status
X-740: Login / Logout Agent (v3) Passed
X-719: Move Add Delete Agent In queue (v1) Passed

XiVO CC/Highlevel feature tests

Test Status
X-711: Call history is available (v1) Passed
X-709: SpagoBI is up and statistics are generated (v1) Passed
X-708: Kibana is up and data available (v1) Passed
X-707: Agent logged in logged out (v2) Passed
X-715: Recording and Configuration are up (v2) Passed

XiVO CC/Recording

Test Status
X-922: Recording is purged (v1) Passed

XiVO CC/Statistics

Test Status
X-862: Real time calculated Queue statistic (v2) Passed

XiVO CC/Statistics/DB Replic

Test Status
X-1031: 681-Test db replic network error resolience (v1) Passed
X-1062: Replication to stats database (v1) Passed

XiVO CC/Statistics/Reporting

Test Status
X-1067: Call-Data and associated stats when calling a user (v1) Passed
X-763: SpagoBI sample reports (v1) Passed

XiVO PBX/Users/Funckeys

Test Status
X-1064: Edit funckeys (v1) Passed

XiVO PBX/Users/Lines and contexts

Test Status
X-1060: Context ranges for incalls (v4) Passed

XiVO PBX/XiVO UC and Docker

Test Status
X-915: XiVO UC - Assistant (v1) Passed
X-1063: XiVO UC - Assistant with device (v1) Passed