Test report for XiVO 2018.05

Report generated at 2018-04-06 10:53:14




XiVO Assistant/Desktop

Test Status
X-805: Windows automatic update (v1) Passed

XiVO Assistant/Global

Test Status
X-977: Delete personal contacts (v1) Passed
X-970: Edit personal contacts (v1) Passed
X-964: Add personal contacts (v1) Passed
X-952: Search personal contacts (v1) Passed
X-868: Conference via Cti - Polycom (v1) Passed
X-867: Conference via Cti - Yealink (v1) Passed
X-812: Conference via Cti - Snom (v4) Passed
X-791: Users with phone / webrtc / no line / custom / SCCP (v1) Passed
X-727: Search users and manage favorites (v1) Passed
X-723: Call history (v2) Passed
X-982: Import / Export personal contacts (v1) Failed

XiVO Assistant/MeetMe Conferences

Test Status
X-984: MeetMe Conference - Organizer can mute participants (v1) Passed
X-983: MeetMe Conference - Self mute (v1) Passed
X-955: MeetMe Conference - Show participants (v1) Passed
X-979: MeetMe Conference - Show organizer (v1) Passed

XiVO Assistant/Transfers

Test Status
X-913: Attended transfer after Xuc restart (v1) Passed
X-910: Attended transfer to external destination (v1) Passed
X-908: Caller abandon after transfer and destination rings (v1) Passed
X-907: Attended transfer to conference (v1) Passed
X-906: Attended transfer to voice mail (v1) Passed
X-905: Attended transfer when destination rings (v1) Passed
X-904: Attended transfer after destination answered (v1) Passed

XiVO Assistant/WebRTC

Test Status
X-950: Video echo test (v1) Passed
X-770: WebRTC Call using latest versions of Chrome on Windows (v1) Passed
X-769: WebRTC Call using latest versions of Chrome on Linux (v1) Passed
X-721: Call using WebRTC (v1) Passed

XiVO CC/Agent states/Incoming call - ACD

Test Status
X-751: Conférence (v2) Passed
X-849: Call then pause, then answer, then hangup (v1) Passed
X-705: Call then hangup while agent activates a pause (v1) Passed
X-703: Call then answer then hangup then wrapup (v1) Passed
X-702: Call then no answer, then pause (v1) Passed
X-700: Call then decline results in Paused agent (v1) Passed
X-696: Call then no answer (v1) Passed
X-695: Call then answer then hangup (v1) Passed
X-694: Call then hangup (v1) Passed

XiVO CC/Agent states/Outgoing call

Test Status
X-750: ACD and non ACD Outgoing calls (v3) Passed

XiVO CC/Agent states/Outgoing call/Start state: Pause

Test Status
X-830: Call then answer then hangup while in pause (v1) Passed
X-829: Call from pause then hangup (v1) Passed

XiVO CC/Agent states/Outgoing call/Start state : Ready

Test Status
X-766: Call a conference (v1) Passed
X-706: Call using fonction CTI DIAL with auto anwser (v1) Passed
X-701: Call (FA) then answer (v1) Passed
X-699: Call (ex) then answer then hangup (v1) Passed
X-698: Call (ex) then hangup (v1) Passed
X-697: Call then answer, then pause, then hangup (v1) Passed
X-693: Call then pause, then answer, then hangup (v1) Passed
X-692: Call then pause then hangup (v1) Passed
X-691: Call then answer then hangup (v1) Passed
X-690: Call then hangup (v1) Passed

XiVO CC/Agent states/Transfers

Test Status
X-837: Transfer to ***X. doesn't derail the xuc (v1) Passed
X-749: Attended transfers to Queues (v1) Passed
X-748: Blind Transfers to Queues (v3) Passed
X-817: Attended transfer via Agent (v2) Passed


Test Status
X-927: Agent can go from Wrapup to Ready or Pause states (v1) Passed
X-884: Agent call history (v1) Passed
X-818: Agent with webRTC line (v1) Passed

XiVO CC/CCInstaller

Test Status
X-759: Upgrade from previous stable version (v3) Passed

XiVO CC/CCManager

Test Status
X-934: Terminate wrapup via Pause Key on other device than the one agent is logged on (v1) Passed
X-926: Terminate wrapup via Pause Key (v1) Passed
X-885: Display Agent Pause Type Colums (v3) Passed

XiVO CC/Highlevel feature tests

Test Status
X-711: Call history is available (v1) Passed
X-709: SpagoBI is up and statistics are generated (v1) Passed
X-708: Kibana is up and data available (v1) Passed
X-707: Agent logged in logged out (v2) Passed
X-715: Recording and Configuration are up (v2) Failed

XiVO CC/Recording

Test Status
X-990: Stop recording upon external transfer (v1) Passed
X-989: Alert when disks are full (v2) Passed

XiVO CC/Statistics/Reporting

Test Status
X-965: Call-Data when calling a user group (v1) Passed

XiVO PBX/Boss Secretary filter

Test Status
X-936: Direct transfer from call filter member (v1) Passed
X-932: Transfer from switchboard to BS filter (v1) Passed

XiVO PBX/Conferences

Test Status
X-973: Conference with waiting room (v1) Passed
X-972: Conference with Admin PIN (v1) Passed
X-971: Basic conference and user PIN (v1) Passed

XiVO PBX/Extensions

Test Status
X-966: Extension to accept Options requests (s) (v1) Passed
X-760: Echo test (*55) (v1) Passed

XiVO PBX/File d'attente/Qualifications

Test Status
X-993: Un-assign qualification from a queue (v1) Passed
X-991: Assign qualification to a queue (v1) Passed
X-987: Edit qualification (v1) Passed
X-986: Delete qualification (v1) Passed
X-985: Create qualification (v1) Passed

XiVO PBX/File d'attente/Skill Based Routing

Test Status
X-929: ACD outgoing calls and skill based routing (v1) Passed

XiVO PBX/Installation/Any installation

Test Status
X-939: Check Asterisk version in CLI (v1) Passed

XiVO PBX/Installation/Database migration

Test Status
X-961: Redirection to outgoing calls - upgrade (v1) Passed
X-935: Simplification in Aldebaran - upgrade (v1) Passed
X-930: ACD outgoing calls and skill based routing - new xivo (v1) Passed


Test Status
X-637: POPC sur poste Snom (v2) Passed
X-541: Call using the switchboard (v4) Passed

XiVO PBX/POPC/Answer an incoming call (3880)

Test Status
X-640: Answer/Hangup an incoming call (v4) Blocked

XiVO PBX/POPC/mettre en attente un appel entrant (3878)

Test Status
X-508: Mettre un appel en attente (v4) Passed

XiVO PBX/POPC/Transférer un appel entrant

Test Status
X-504: Transférer directement un appel (v3) Passed
X-507: Transférer indirectement un appel entrant (v3) Passed

XiVO PBX/Protocoles/Protocole SCCP

Test Status
X-348: Appels (v5) Passed

XiVO PBX/Renvoi d'appel

Test Status
X-942: Apply user's call permissions to his forwarded calls (v4) Failed
X-941: Display user's outgoing caller id when it forwards its calls externally (v3) Failed

XiVO PBX/Système

Test Status
X-969: Web service access (v1) Passed

XiVO PBX/Système/API

Test Status
X-925: Swagger (v1) Passed

XiVO PBX/Système/Approvisionnement/Greffons

Test Status
X-33: Installation (v2) Passed

XiVO PBX/Système/Network - Interfaces

Test Status
X-975: Other interfaces (than physical/VLAN) (v2) Passed

XiVO PBX/Users/Import

Test Status
X-937: Import user with voicemail (v1) Passed

XiVO PBX/Users/Lines and contexts

Test Status
X-953: Context ranges for conference rooms (v1) Passed
X-951: Context ranges for groups and queues (v1) Passed
X-859: Context ranges for users (v3) Passed
X-848: Template line edit (v3) Passed
X-832: User line context change (v1) Passed

XiVO PBX/XiVO Config-mgt

Test Status
X-988: XiVO ConfigMgt: Upgrade from 2018.04 (v2) Passed
X-978: XiVO ConfigMgt: Upgrade with UC (v1) Passed
X-974: XiVO ConfigMgt: Monit (v1) Passed
X-967: XiVO ConfigMgt: Installation by script (v2) Passed


Test Status
X-963: Xuc - Token authentication (v1) Blocked
X-959: Configmgt - Token authentication (v2) Passed

XiVO PBX/XiVO UC and Docker

Test Status
X-958: Docker - upgrade from docker-engine (v1) Passed
X-945: Docker - upgrade (v1) Passed
X-944: Docker - install from PXE (v1) Passed
X-943: Docker - install by script (v1) Passed
X-938: XiVO UC - Upgrade (v3) Passed
X-918: XiVO UC - Uninstallation (v1) Passed
X-916: XiVO UC - Monit (v1) Passed
X-915: XiVO UC - Assistant (v1) Passed
X-914: XiVO UC - installation on server with new Xivo (v2) Passed
X-917: XiVO UC - installation on server with old Xivo (v3) Passed