Test report for XiVO Polaris.10

Report generated at 2018-02-09 17:34:46




Tous/Installation/Any installation

Test Status
X-864: Simplification - set default parameters (v4) Passed

Tous/Lines and contexts

Test Status
X-953: Context ranges for conference rooms (v1) Passed
X-951: Context ranges for groups and queues (v1) Passed
X-859: Context ranges for users (v3) Passed

Tous/XiVO UC and Docker

Test Status
X-915: XiVO UC - Assistant (v1) Passed
X-914: XiVO UC - installation on server with new Xivo (v2) Passed
X-917: XiVO UC - installation on server with old Xivo (v2) Passed

XiVOCC/Agent states/Incoming call - ACD

Test Status
X-702: Call then no answer, then pause (v1) Passed
X-700: Call then decline results in Paused agent (v1) Passed

XiVOCC/Agent states/Outgoing call

Test Status
X-750: ACD and non ACD Outgoing calls (v3) Passed

XiVOCC/Agent states/Outgoing call/Start state : Ready

Test Status
X-697: Call then answer, then pause, then hangup (v1) Passed
X-693: Call then pause, then answer, then hangup (v1) Passed


Test Status
X-927: Agent can go from Wrapup to Ready or Pause states (v1) Passed


Test Status
X-926: Terminate wrapup via Pause Key (v1) Passed

XiVOCC/Highlevel feature tests

Test Status
X-711: Call history is available (v1) Passed
X-709: SpagoBI is up and statistics are generated (v1) Passed
X-708: Kibana is up and data available (v1) Passed
X-707: Agent logged in logged out (v2) Passed
X-715: Recording and Configuration are up (v2) Passed